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Managed Digital Marketing + Data Science

New! Dashboard Reporting Service

Dashboards built, hosted and managed across a wide variety of business data.

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Audienceware = Managed Digital Marketing + Data Science

Engage Your Audience with Web and Email that works, Analytics to know what's working!


  • Build - Drupal & Wordpress
  • Manage - Webmaster Services
  • Enhance - eCommerce, Media, Social

Email & CRM

  • Email Marketing Tools
  • CiviCRM Development & Support
  • Targeting & Segmentation,


  • Dashboards, Business Intelligence
  • Sales, Marketing, Web Analytics
  • Data Science, Predictive Modelling

Integrated Digital Marketing as a Managed Service

  • Developed, Designed, Managed using best of breed open source and cloud technologies
  • 'Managed Service' - more affordable and reliable than traditional agency/in house models
  • Support when you need it - problems solved!
  • Better digital experiences for your audience, better productivity for your business!

Let Audienceware be your virtual Digital Marketing Team to get your Web, Email and Analytics working hard for you!