Audienceware and Upswing - New Digital Marketing Partnership

Audienceware is pleased to announce a new partnership with Upswing Digital Marketing Services.

Until now, the scope of Audienceware’s core services have been concentrated on enablement of digital marketing technology, particularly Email, CiviCRM & Data Analytics.  However we understand that for clients this is only one piece of the digital marketing jigsaw, and that marketing execution can sometimes be challenging for those aspiring to engage their audiences with more targeted and personalised communications. Partnering with Upswing will allow us to work with our clients in a more complete way by adding digital marketing, marketing automation & website optimisation services to create great customer experiences.

Upswing provides effective Brand, Marketing & Web Services to attract, engage and convert prospects and provide actionable insights to improve the customer experience. Upswing can work with Audienceware’s clients to execute inbound marketing activities to help achieve business growth. From today, Audienceware can assist you with digital marketing services, such as design and content development, landing page design, Google Ad campaigns, and marketing automation.  Here a just few ways we can now assist you:

  • Refresh your current Drupal or WordPress site to improve your customer’s online experience
  • Build a lead-generating landing page
  • Set up marketing automation to automatically respond to nurture the buyer journey
  • Set up advanced analytics and conversion tracking on your website to identify your most valuable audience members
  • Create a Google Ads campaigns (Upswing is a Certified Google Ads Specialist)
  • Produce a live video event
  • Optimise your local SEO

Audienceware's and Upswing's complementary capabilities truly bring data science and creative media together to provide a more holistic range of services - read more about our services here:

Our Managed Services model suits small businesses who often do not have the time, resources or knowhow to fully address their digital marketing needs - like an extension of their in house marketing team providing delivery and support as they need it with the following benefits:

  • Effectiveness - we’ll get those jobs done that you don’t have time to do
  • Efficiency - we’re experienced so we’re fast, which means we can keep the costs low
  • Flexibility - it’s a Managed Digital Marketing Services model. From a single web update to managing your entire marketing program. No task is too big or too small.
  • Empowerment - working with us will give you the clarity and confidence you need to market your business every day with as little or as much support from us as you need.

All clients both new and existing are entitled to a free consultation - a 30-minute digital marketing strategy session to assist you with a simple marketing plan tailored to your business goals. 

  • Existing Clients - raise a new request, or speak to your account manager to find out more
  • New Clients - contact us to discuss your requirements

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