Grow your audience by importing contacts from Donor Platforms

Submitted by admin on Wed, 25/01/2023 - 09:55

You can easily import contacts into CiviCRM from 3rd party platforms, by exporting them as CSV and importing into CiviCRM.


  • To centralise all contact data for understanding and future communications
  • To be able to identify and contact past donors, personalise messaging


  • When using a third party donor platform, data is 'locked' in that system
  • Many of the donors already exist in CiviCRM but this important transaction information is missing
  • Therefore the ability to identify and segment based on donor recency and value is impaired
  • Importing also has the risk of mismatches and creating duplicates


  • Prepare the data for importing
  • Import contacts matching on email address, selecting 'update' option to update latest mobile and street address
  • Import Contributions, matching on contact email address